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Fall 2007, 60:4

  • "Breakdown," Lewis Nordan
  • "'An Arm's Length Relationship to Violence': An Interview with Lewis Nordan," Marcel Arbeit
  • "Desperate and Happy in the Disharmonious World: Lewis Nordan and the Absurd," Marcel Arbeit
  • "Writing the Caribbean with a Mississippian Accent: Lewis Nordan and the Magical Grotesque," Manuel Broncano
  • "Are We All Alone? Solitude and Agency in Lewis Nordan's The Sharpshooter Blues," Terrell L. Tebbetts
  • "'Not My Story to Write': Indirection, Southern Discourse, and the Elusive Black Voice in Lewis Nordan's Wolf Whistle," Bethany Perkins
  • "Simulation and Civil Rights: Lewis Nordan's Wolf Whistle and the Swamp of the Real," Scott Romine
  • "Shocked into Maturity: Sex and Death as Initiation in the Fiction of Lewis Nordan," Thomas Ærvold Bjerre
  • "'Longing for a Male Love': An Interview with Lewis Nordan," Thomas Ærvold Bjerre
Book Reviews
  • Ted Olson and Kathy H. Olson, eds., James Still: Critical Essays on the Dean of Appalachian Literature, reviewed by John Lang
  • Gary M. Ciuba, Desire, Violence, and Divinity in Modern Southern Fiction, reviewed by Dianne Bunch
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