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Summer 2013, 66.3


Jay Watson and Jaime Harker, Guest Editors

  • "The Summer of Faulkner: Oprah’s Book Club, William Faulkner, and Twenty-first-Century America," Jay Watson and Jaime Harker
  • "Oprah’s Summer of Faulkner," Robert W. Hamblin
  • "Reading, Feeling, Faulkner," Yung-Hsing Wu
  • "Faulkner Novels of Our OWN: Oprah’s Middlebrow Book Club Meets the Classics," Cecilia Konchar Farr
  • "The Stockholder Syndrome: Reading and Investment in A Summer of Faulkner," Matthew Sutton
  • "From the Summer of Faulkner to Oprah’s Obama: What We Can Learn from Joe Christmas and Miss Jane Pittman," Riché Richardson
  • "'If I Could Say': Voice and Community During the Summer of Faulkner," Laura Goldblatt
  • "Becoming Someone Else: Oprah Winfrey and Light in August," Arnold Weinstein


  • “Power Lines: Contemporary Southern Poetry,” Daniel Cross Turner

Book Review

  • M. Thomas Inge, ed., The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 9: Literature, reviewed by Bridget Smith Pieschel
Winter-Spring 2015, 68.1-2 is now available
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