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Winter-Spring 2015, 68.1-2, is now available


  • "Blast South: Manifestos of Southern Vorticism," Emerging Scholars Organization
  • "What s Old about the New Southern Studies?," Jennie Lightweis-Goff
  • "Southern Confection: Toward a Rubric of Anteliberalism," Stephanie Rountree
  • "That the Land Would One Day Be Free : Reconciling Race and Region in African American and Southern Studies," Jarvis C. McInnis
  • "From Bayou to Academe: A Story of Alliance Making," Rain Prud homme-Cranford
  • "Critical Ethnography and Pop Culture in the South," Kelly Vines
  • "Plantation, Pulp, Trash: Approaching the Circum-South(s)," Amy K. King
  • "Looking Ugliness Square in the Face," Monica Miller
  • "The Anthropocene and the Future of Southern Studies," Zackary Vernon
  • "Parsing the Pleasures of Southern Music Studies," Alison Arant
  • "After Southern Critique," Matthew Dischinger
  • "A Chinese Woman Writer s American South," Gang Zhou
  • " Ravel Out Into Time : Phenomenology and Temporality in As I Lay Dying," Zachary Tavlin
  • "Sutpen s Sub-Design and Dual-Class Identification," Erin A. Sweeney
  • "Slow Violence and the (Post)Southern Disaster Narrative in Hurston, Faulkner, and Beasts of the Southern Wild," Daniel Spoth
  • "The Rhetoric of the Freak Show in Welty s Curtain of Green," Bill Solomon
  • "Launching Flannery O Connor: The Rockefeller Foundation and a Literary Reputation," Larry Schwartz
  • "Valerie Martin s Property: A White Neoslave Narrative," Stephanie Li
  • "The Most Horrific Tale: Reading Faulkner s Sanctuary as a Teenage Horror Legend," Casey Lee Kayser
  • "Myth as Therapy in Lee Smith s Oral History," Thomas Haddox
  • " Flounder, Flounder : Doubling in Eudora Welty s Music From Spain," Paul Alexander Cantrell
  • "The Roof of a Southern Home: A Reimagined and Usable South in Lorraine Hansberry s A Raisin in the Sun," William Murray

Book Reviews

  • Drawing the Line: The Father Reimagined in Faulkner, Wright, O Connor, and Morrison, by Doreen Fowler. Reviewed by Lorie Watkins.
  • African American Haiku: Cultural Visions, edited by John Zheng. Reviewed by Felicia Mitchell.
Winter-Spring 2015, 68.1-2 is now available
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